Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan began acting in 2009 debuting as a YouTube sensation. His video plays gained momentum and some of his best work is through his voice acting. He took Drama & Theatre, and Public Speaking classes in Pearland, Texas while attending Jr. High. Ever since then Chance has been on fire while giving public displays of his acting skills to family and friends. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, Chance attended private acting classes and received individual actor coaching from skilled mentors in the field. Auditioning for plays as a teen, Chance would write his own lines to read, but was never casted. Crawling around on the ground and acting like an animal didn't fit Chance's persona of an audition, it just wasn't a concept he would learn to grasp. Later on in life, Chance would receive roles in private plays in Las Vegas, Nevada, and excel at portraying them. While performing, people who saw him would ask bystanders if he was already an actor, thoroughly convinced that he must already be famous for his wild passion for the art.

Trahan learned most of his acting by watching many actors come and go on the big screen, and he would replay his favorite scenes in his head, later to only mimic their expressions and voices the best he could to show all of his family and friends his hidden talents. These expressions that Chance does has his closest family and friends in stitches on the regular. He found that if he was able to express them in such a way that would make himself proud of his performance, that he could keep those closest to him in good spirits, and that it would help cheer them up if they were ever having a bad day that he wasn't aware of.

After graduating from Life Coaching classes in 2015, Chance decided to pursue his career as an author/screenplay writer, with plans to later become a movie director. Earlier on in his years, Chance would have amazingly detailed dreams and wake up to writing a script to fit his dreams he had. Chance ended up making his scripts into book formats, and started a trilogy he calls Ninja. The first book was independently released and titled Ninja: The Boundaries of Bloodlust, and his follow up sequel is titled Ninja: The Shadow of Deceit, and the third book in the trilogy is titled Ninja: The Truth About Revenge. The books are described as exciting, true narration, and extremely imaginative as if it were already a movie. Most people can't put one of Chance's books down once they've picked it up, reading it all the way through to the last page in one reading.

When Chance isn't acting, he's making music in his studio at home. He began making albums of his own since 2005 and hasn't slowed down since. Chance independently released 3 of his own records and is planning to release 3 more, 1 of which is a mix-tape and all of the others he's released feature all of his own original music, and the final album he's planning at this date (2016) is an album made entirely of cover songs. Chance got his musical inspiration from many of his family members growing up, and took what skills he learned from his dad, and his mom, and unapologetically used them to his advantage. The albums he's released so far are titled, Taking Chances, Kataishin and Shadowar, chance plans to re-release his previous albums featuring far more superior quality than he was able to previously produce, but he is still proud of his earlier efforts given that he made them the best he could with what he had at the time.

Chance started out writing stories at the young age of 7 and continued writing poems and songs throughout his teenage years. He spent many of his teenage years learning how to play guitar and studying many diverse styles of music. He also made it a point to study acting all his life, and found much of his acting influence in a show called Dream On.

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