Ninja Book Series

Part 1: The Boundaries Between Bloodlust & Revenge

by Chance Trahan

This book series gives a view inside the secret life of ninja communities, illustrating an elaborate infrastructure and several conflicts.

NINJA: The Boundaries Between Bloodlust & Revenge

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Authored by: Chance Trahan

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4.9 stars, based on 89 reviews

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Angel Melendez Life Coach at O-ZEN

    I was getting excited when I was reading this! As I was reading, I was imagining this as a movie.

  • avatar Niyigena Gildas Member of Rwanda Youth Action Climate Alert group

    Wow your book looks great! I think this book is worth it. Now, this is what I call narration.

  • avatar Viki Kibodeaux Author of "My Life, My Choice"

    It's a great well written story. I read it all the way through in one reading, I couldn't put it down till I was done!


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Look Inside The Book

4 Sneak Peeks Inside The Story

  1. A literature and fiction book not only about ninja clan origins, but also the story of a boy coming into his manhood and learning from his life experiences.
  2. See what it's like to be a ninja by stepping foot into a ninja training camp hidden deep within the mountains. Follow the main character 'Talon' as if you were really there and feel like you are a part of the action. NINJA holds tales of deception, adversity, and overcoming your fears.
  3. Training in the mountains to become a ninja, Talon decides it's time to start taking control of his own life. When his life is turned upside down and his father doesn't agree, things become difficult to handle and Talon has to find a way to regain his balance and strike vengeance on his aggressive rival, the fearful ninja they call Arc.
  4. Take a ride through the dark history of Shugendo as this story takes you deep within the depths of secret ninja clan origins. Discover ancient secrets that have been withheld for ages and experience the action first hand with this thrilling book.

About The Author

Chance Trahan lives in Arizona and was born August 12th, 1980 in Jennings, LA. Living in places such as Texas, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon, Chance has found inspiration from his home in Arizona. He started out writing stories at the young age of 7 and continued writing poems and songs throughout his teenage years.

Believing in Veteran Advocacy, Chance likes to give back to American Veterans who donated their time and often sacrificed so much to defend our country and freedoms we enjoy today. Chance believes that giving back to Veterans would help us in working together as a community.

Chance spent many of his teenage years learning how to play guitar and studying many diverse styles of music. He also made it a point to study acting all his life, and found much of his acting influence in a show called Dream On.

A proud supporter of the Stand Up For Kids Organization that reaches out to and rehabilitates the homeless youth all across the United States and also a patron to charities such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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